We have a variety of roofing options and are dedicated to keeping your roof in good condition from the inside out.


Whether you want a roof on a brand new building, a new roof to improve the appearance of an existing building, or just need repairs or insurance work, we can keep your roof over your head. We have a variety of roofing options to suit every structure, and we are dedicated to keeping your roof in good condition from the inside and out.


We have a wide range of roofing options available to suit your building. We offer different kinds and colours of tile including slate tiles, ceramic tiles, wooden shingles and clay tiles. We also offer a range of alternative roofing materials to suit smaller structures such as sheds including corrugated iron or plastic, bitumen roofing, polycarbonate sheeting and more. We’re capable of installing or repairing gutters as needed to suit your new roof.




We offer Slate and Ceramic tiles as well as wooden shingles. These options are most popular on residential buildings like houses or small shops.


We offer corrugated iron or plastic sheets, Bitumen sheeting and Polycarbonate sheets in a range of sizes to suit you. These are most popular on smaller structures such as shelters or utility sheds.


We are also capable of repairing an existing roof damaged by weather or vandalism. We can match the existing tiles as closely as possible to avoid the repair looking out of place.


Gutters are fragile attachments to your house and often break, they may also be outgrown by an extension or new roof installation so we can repair or upgrade a gutter system to suit your new roof.